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Grandway Optical Laser Source FHS1D02 (1310nm/1550nm)

Product Code: OPTISOURCE
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Grandway Optical Laser Source FHS1D02 (1310nm/1550nm) -Special Order

Optical laser source GRANDWAY FHS1D02 is the tool necessary for measuring optical power loss in fiber-optic networks (FTTx). The source generates laser beams of predetermined wavelengths and power for precise measurements.

The device generates laser bream of the wavelength 1310 nm or 1550 nm at the power level of -5 dBm, as constant wave (CW) or modulated with 270 Hz, 1 kHz, or 2 kHz frequency. A short-term stability of the light source is better than 0.1 dB for a time shorter than 15 minutes, and a long-term stability (above 5 hours) is better than 0.2 dB. The device can operate in the temperature range of -10°C to 50°C.

Due to it's small size and low weight the device is ideal for field applications. The tip is dedicated for FC/PC connectors with 2.5 mm ferrules. The device is powered by four AAA batteries.

Key features

  • generated wavelength: 1310 nm / 1550 nm;
  • output power: -5.0 dBm;
  • AUTO-OFF function;
  • easy to read, backlit screen;
  • small size and low weight;
  • simple and intuitive operation.

Notice! The invisible laser beam is dangerous for the eyes! The user must operate the device with care!

The device is dedicated for use together with optical power meter GRANDWAY FHP1B02 OPTIMETER.

The ideal temperature and environmental conditions (1550 nm, CW mode): temperature 23±3°C, RH <70%. The device should be warmed up before use (25 minutes, preferably at a temperature of 25°C).

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