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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I change a TP-Link router to an access point to extend WiFi and LAN where there is already a router?

    Click on this link and follow the instructions for TP-Link devices. Changing a Tp-Link Router to an Access point

    How can I connect the output from an EM1000 Digital Modulator into a Digilink Eye System and control a Sky receiver ?

    Very easy !   Simply insert an Omnilink Kit into the system.   Have a look at this link and see how it's done. EM1000 Digilink System

    How do I locate mobile phone masts in my area to point an antenna at if I want to improve 3G/4G reception?

    Visit this link to locate your nearest phone mast SITEVIEWER . When you zoom in local masts, if available, can be seen.

    I have installed a new bypass amplifier and now my Sky channels are not coming on ?

    All new bypass amplifiers  now have LTE 4G filters installed which blocks all channels above 60. As the RF output on most receivers is set between 60 and 68 the new amplifier effectively cuts it out. Simply reset the RF output to a  suitable channel below 60 and the problem is solved.

    I want to fit an external antenna to a router. A lot of the connections are samll and confusing is there a resource to check which ones I have?

    The HF connectors for GSM & WiFi look very similar, check here for some assistance.

    How do I configure my Hikvision DVR for internet access?

    Click on this link for detailed instructions for setting up the DVR for internet access.

    How do I setup a Hikvision DVR if my Service Provider won't supply a permanent IP address?

    Click on this link for details on using the Hikvision DDNS service.

    How can I forward a port on my router?

    A helpful web site to learn how to forward ports on your router is

    I don't have sound on all channels on my OPTICUM HD1 receiver.

    Some OPTICUM HD1 receivers do not have sound on all channels. To recover sound

    1. Press the Blue button marked Audio; a small black screen will appear containing a short list of numbers
    2. Using the Up arrow on the remote, scroll to the top number.
    3. Press OK and exit.

    The sound on that channel will be restored. Repeat for all affected channels. Once done this will not have to be repeated.

    I have sorted out all the channels on my receiver and when I press the channel buttons the channels do not come up the way I set them, but if I use the up/down channel button they are.

    You need to switch LCN off. This can be found in different menus depending on the receiver, usually Installation OS Setup. Check your manual. LCN stands for Logical Channel Numbering which is just about as illogical as you can get !!

    How do I set up RTE Saorsat ?

    You need a solid dish and a KA LNB plus a HD satellite receiver.
    You will probably need to programme in the RTE transponder. TP details are

    • Fr.10765
    • Pol. Vertical S/R 25000.

    Your meter will not read KA frequency, so you will need to set the dish up on 9 degrees East using a standard KU lnb and when set, replace it with the KA LNB.

    What channels are RTE using in my area for digital transmissions ?

    RTE are using 2 multiplexes on every main transmitter and relay, select the nearest to your location from these lists.

    What is the cheapest and easiest way to install four satellite and aerial points throughout the house?

    By fitting a Quad LNB and using an Axing 4-way Combiner to combine the aerial signal and the four quad inputs, and then fitting satellite/aerial outlet plates in each room, you will have the simplest and most cost effective solution going. Works every time !!

    I have a Set Top Receiver and the customer changed the password and has now forgotten it! How can I get in to the menus ?

    The factory password on most Technomates is 2011 (Also, if you have the same problem with a Konig receiver try 3329)

    • Factory code for Triax SR110 is 3327
    • Factory code for Opticum XS703 is 2046
    • Factory code for Alma S2300 Combi Receiver is 3606
    • Factory code for Thomson 221 is 2004
    • Factory code for SAB HD4700 is 3606
    • Factory code for Strong SRT7004 is 2004
    • Factory code for Ferguson Ariva is 0786
    • Factory code for Amiko Mini is 2046

    Can I change a Sky HD remote control to operate a Sky plus box ?

    Yes, you can change the HD remote to act as a Sky remote quite easily by following these instructions.

    I an getting severe interference on some channels. I appears as horizontal bars with smaller diagonal bars within them. It has only started recently.

    You are probably getting interference from your local Garda barracks or emergency service transmitter. Have a look at this link and see if it resembles your problem.

    I have been programming and using Click programmeable remotes with great success for the past year or so, but I cannot program the last batch I got. A message saying "device not identified" comes on when I press the identify buttons.

    To cure the problem

    1. Open Control Panel on your computer
    2. Go to Add/Remove Programs
    3. Remove Click Catalog
    4. Close the Control Panel
    5. Download this software

    Remember to update your Click database weekly - it prevents your software going out of date and keeps your database up to date as new models are being added daily.

    I want to make up a lead to connect my DVR to my router. What should I use?

    You must use a CAT5 straight cable. Click here to see the wiring.

    I'm having trouble with my SR110 remote?

    Please note that the SR110 FTA satellite receiver is now supplied with a new version remote control unit.

    If you are updating channel listings from a 'master' receiver before supplying your customers, SR110 units with the new remote control MUST NOT be upgraded from a receiver that used the 'old' style remote control; if this update is made it will downgrade the unit to older software resulting in the new remote control not working with the receiver.

    It is advised that SR110 receivers with the new remote control should be set as your Master unit ongoing.

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