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Alcad ZA411 Programmable Filter

Product Code: ALCZA411
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ZA411_Progeamming_Guide (PDF file, 28.66K)

Product Details

Programmable double filter for DTT or analogue channels in UHF. Modular, single channel or multi channel.

  • Modular filter
  • Selective and programmable for terrestrial digital and analogue TV.
  • Each module consists of two independent filters which can be programmed as monochannel or multichannel.
  • The channels programmed in the filters must be the same as the channels received by the antenna.
  • These are the channels that will be distributed in the installation.
  • The filters can be programmed as monochannel or multichannel up to a filter bandwidth of 4 channels or 32 MHz.
  • There must be a separation between filters of the same or of different modules of at least 1 channel or 8 MHz.

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