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Alcad Adjustable Filter

Product Code: ALCFR413
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Product Details

Masthead rejection filter, containing 4 narrow band filters which tuned to any UHF frequency. Each filter can be enable any one of the audio or video carriers of one or various TV channels to be rejected independently.
  • These filters can be used in individual or MATV installations of a digital or analogue type where interfering signals in adjacent channels exist.
  • The filter enables the elimination of the audio or video carrier of the interfering signal.
  • A higher rejection level can be achieved adjusting several filters to the same carrier.
  • Alternate filters should be used if two filters are adjusted to the same frequency.

    Insertion Loss : 1dB
  • F type connectors

    Suitable for outdoor use.
  • ABS plastic box
  • Shielded zamak chassis
  • Mast fixing by means of a polyamide clamp

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