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Labgear PUH111/PSM114 Kit

Product Code: LABPUH111
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Product Details

This kit combines a high gain masthead amplifier with a power supply with adjustable output allowing indoor gain control. This means that with the power supply positioned within sight of a TV the gain can be adjusted easily for optimum picture quality.


Operating frequency 470-862MHz

Noise figure <2dB

Gain can be adjusted from 16-24dB

Built-in Tetra filter

Weatherproof outer plastic housings with foam cable seal

Fully screened, sealed, die-cast modules

F-connectors throughout

Ideal for digital

Fixing options: standard cable tie mast mount or flat surface fix

Earth bonding terminals

Power Supply

Built-in adjustable attenuator allows gain control of signal output

F-type connections.

With fitted mains plugs to BS 1363.

Excellent screening helps prevent ingress of impulse interference in DTT installations.

Output short-circuit protection with LED fault indication.

Thermal fuse in mains transformer protects against overheating.

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