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Ultimax 204 4 Channel DVR

Product Code: ULTIMAX204
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Product Details

ULTIMAX-204 is capable of recording video with 4CIF (704 x 576) maximum resolution and 6 fps rate (each channel) or 2CIF (704 x 288) and 12 fps (each channel). These parameters are suitable for CCTV systems requiring high resolution video, but not operating in dynamic environments where frame rate of 6 fps would not be satisfactory. The device supports all advanced functions implemented in the series, first of all - local recording and network transmission based on H.264 compression - providing good video quality at substantially lower bitrates than the previous standards, saving available disk capacity and bandwidth of the network. In addition, the DVR is small and light.

  • The front panel of the ULTIMAX-204 is equipped with control buttons for local operation. The DVR can also be operated with the remote control or mouse
  • Supplied with 500Gb Hard Drive fitted.
  • Quoted Price subject to change. Check for current price due to HDD shortages.

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