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Ultimode 7316 16 Channel DVR

Product Code: UMAX516
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Product Details

HIKVISION DS-7316HI-S can record images with 4CIF (704 x 576) resolution at 2 fps or with 2CIF (704 x 288) resolution at 12 fps. The device supports all advanced functions implemented in higher models of HIKVISION DVRs, first of all - local recording and network transmission based on H.264 algorithms, providing good video quality at substantially lower bitrates than the previous standards, saving available disk capacity and bandwidth of the network.

A new menu has been designed to help everyone, even the beginner user, navigate and make required changes to the settings of the DVR. Both the location of frequently used functions and graphic layout meet the highest current standards.

Browsing the archives locally allows to play them back simultaneously from all channels. To quickly localize the interesting moment/period, the recorded video record is presented on a timeline (length - 24 hours). Clicking on any point causes an immediate playing of the recordings. The pace of playing is easy to adjust with the jog dial situated on the front panel.

Undoubtedly, the strongest feature of HIKVISION DVRs, which distinguishes them from competitors, is the opportunity to work on the Internet. Multiple levels of security, individual access rights for different users, stable operation in the network - all this shows that the products are ahead of all other equipment on the market.

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