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Self Amalgamating Tape 10M x 19mm

Product Code: TAPESA
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Product Details

10M x 19mm Scapa self-amalgamating tape.

  • Connections of coaxial cables (F-connectors)
  • Connections of CCTV cables (BNC and F connectors)
  • Connections of UTP/FTP cables
  • Connections of coaxial cables in WLAN devices (N, SMA, SMA/RP and other connectors)
  • Connections of coaxial cables from WLAN devices to external antennas or access points (N, SMA/RP connectors)

Distinguishing features

  • The tape amalgamates rapidly when applied under tension;
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 ... 90 oC;
  • Compatibility with a wide range of rubber and plastic dielectric cable insulation (e.g. PE, PVC, butyl, neoprene);
  • High resistance to prolonged immersion in water and excellent resistance to ozone;
  • The tape can be removed cleanly from most surfaces - ideal for temporary repairs;
  • The tape is interleaved with a disposable plastic liner.

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