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Labgear 6 Set Amplifier Link Bypass

Product Code: LABMSA263
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Product Details

6-way TV and FM DAB Aerial Amplifier -

with remote power and Digilink IR return path

The new cost-saving easy installation design of this aerial amplifier means that installers no longer require mains power to be fitted in the loft.�

The revolutionary two piece design comprises a power supply and amplifier. For safe and easy installation the power supply is plugged into a 13Amp socket at any outlet point.

The coax cable feed from the TV f-type terminal of the power supply is connected to the power input 1 on the amplifier.� It is then fully ready for use and only requires the input/output connections to be made.

This fully screened 6 way TV and FM DAB amplifier is compatible with the Labgear Digilink remote control system MRX930 & MRX955.� This makes it ideal for use in digital satellite home installations, where the output from a SKY� Digital Decoder can be distributed to several rooms with the capability for full remote control of the box from any room.

Alternatively this amplifier may be used as atraditional aerial distribution amplifiers without making use of the infra-red bypass capability.� Separate inputs are provided for UHF TV (470-862 MHz) and for VHF/FM/DAB (47-300 MHz, UK and Ireland).��

All units are suitable for handling digital terrestrial TV (DTT) signals in addition to analogue services.

� Remote Power Supply means there is no need for any power in the loft

� Digi Bypass

� Low Noise Figure: 4dB

� Gain per port: 8dB

� Tetra filters:� Rejection > 20dB @380-410 MHz and @950Mhz

� Flat Gain across all outputs

� Short Circuit Protection on Power Supply

� F-connectors for solid professional connections

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