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PCT Compression Tool

Product Code: PCTA10
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Product Details

This universal all-in-one compression tool PCT-AIO-CT is manufactured by the American company PCT. It has been designed for compressing appropriate F, BNC, RCA, IEC connectors.

Main features of PCT-AIO-CT

  • rugged design standing up to the most abusive environments, made of the best quality materials,
  • compactness,
  • lever block during storing,
  • suitable for F, RCA, BNC, IEC compression connectors,
  • different compression lengths selected with push of a button,
  • for RG-59, RG-6 cables,
  • adjustment to the selected combination of the connector and cable is made with:
    • use of appropriate end of the mandrel;
    • suitable setting of stop elements, depending on the kind of the connector and cable diameter;
    • mandrel travel setup;
  • many patent-pending solutions.

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