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Compression BNC Plug for RG59 Cable

Product Code: PLUGBNCCOMP59
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Product Details

Professional compression BNC connector is manufactured by the Americancompany PCT.

Main features of the BNCconnector:

  • wide operating band - up to 2 GHz,
  • connecting/disconnecting operations do not influence connection quality (can be even used in measurement equipment),
  • waterproof termination of the cable,
  • resistance to corrosion - made of non-ferrous metals and highest-quality dielectric,
  • very low loss in the whole operating band (CCTV applications - baseband video <0.1 dB),
  • perfect matching to the transmission line within the whole operating band (CCTV applications - baseband video - VSWR<1.03),
  • simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression,
  • properly compressed connection is highly resistant to break, due to dual compression rings,
  • matched toRG-59 cables with inner conductors from 0.55 to 0.80 mm,
  • many patent-pending solutions,
  • to be compressed with PCT10Atool,

  • quick and easy assembly, and stability of operation are really worth the price

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