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Global SPC4 Plus Combiner

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It is now possible to locate all your Sky set-top boxes in one place and independently control them from other locations within the home.

The new GLO PLUS COMBINER allows the RF output of up to four Sky set-top boxes to be connected into a home distribution system, with independent control. The four Sky set-top boxes can be any combination of, the standard Sky Digibox, Sky , or Sky HD, or all the same type, if required.

The user simply allocates the remote control in each room to one of the four set-top boxes connected. Thereafter, that remote control will operate only that set-top box allocated to it. The only constraint is that once a remote control has been programmed to operate with one of the set-top boxes, it will not operate any of the other set-top boxes within the system.

  • View and independently control 4 Sky set-top boxes
  • Can be installed on to an existing tvLINK distribution system.
  • Fully compatible with all tvLINK In-home distribution products.

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