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Wireless A/V Transmission System: TX581K

Product Code: TX581k
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Product Details

The TX581K wireless transmission system has been designed to transmit analog audio and video signals over distances up to 1 km. It is a complete wireless system primarily dedicated for applications in analog CCTV. The set consists of transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) using unlicensed ISM band (5725 MHz - 5875 MHz). Aside from wireless transmission of video and sound in professional CCTV systems, the set can be used wherever one requires reliable, long-range AV links inside buildings, halls etc.

The set ensures high performance video/audio transmission, The TX581K device is a low power transmitter, which is designed to direct work with CCTV cameras. It provides radio transmission of the audio and video signals. The devices are equipped with 20dBi panel antennas, which enable good quality transmission up to 1000m distance. Devices can work on the one of the seven available frequency channels in 5.8 GHz band. The channel can be selected by board switchers setting after removing the cover first.

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