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Video Isolator

Product Code: CAMISO
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SV-1000 is used as an extra security device in CCTV systems and protects CCTV equipment from the following:

  • lightning discharges,
  • voltage differences and strokes,
  • electric currents in "ground loops".

The device eliminates signal disturbances that spoil quality of transmissions over a few hundred meters. It is equipped with gain control, ranging within /- 5 dB.

One of the problems that can be encountered during video signal transmission over distances of a few hundred meters are atmospheric lightning discharges. Even if a lightning does not directly strike the installation, the electromagnetic field that has been induced by it may cause a severe damage to an expensive DVR or other equipment connected to the network.

Other problems are caused by voltage differences between the "earths" of various devices known as ground loop interference. This phenomenon may be observed when inserting an antenna plug into a TV set or plugging in a long computer cable. The differences in voltage may be so high that the person who is plugging in the TV or computer may get an electric shock although a difference . This kind of problems in CCTV systems can be solved through installation of the isolators.


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