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Galvanic Isolator: (5-2400 MHz)

Product Code: ISOGALV
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In bigger installations, the differences of potentials between individual parts of the antenna/cable networks may cause overvoltages and surge currents effecting in sparks when connecting the equipment (and even light electric shocks). It may also be the reason of unexpected damages of the equipment like amplifiers or even receivers. The solution to the problem is the use of galvanic isolators.

An example of such a device is a Signal unit. It ensures full galvanic isolation, i.e. both signal and shielding paths are completely separated from each side. Small size and low attenuation within all 5-1000 MHz range (not exceeding 1.5 dB) make it a very useful item protecting against potential risks. The galvanic isolator should be used at the input of a building network, as well as at the points of distributing the signal to individual staircase installations.

In practice, such isolators should be used at the output of each building amplifier. Another application is to isolate the chassis of PC employing TV-tuner from the zero voltage rail of the cable system. This way, a difference of potentials does not harm signal quality, as well as modern sensitive cut-outs will not switch off the power network.

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