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CATV/DTT (DVB-T) Switch (IR control)

Product Code: SWREM
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Product Details

SWREM microprocessor switch allows the user of a television to connect two sources of RF signals and switch between them using any infrared remote control. Thanks to high isolation between inputs, the sources can contain signals distributed on adjacent or even on the same channels (in the case of digital TV).

Typically, the device is used for selecting signals from a cable TV network and a terrestrial DVB-T platform. It often happens that some terrestrial DVB-T and cable TV signals are distributed on the same channel, so when the user wants to have access to both platforms they have to use such a switch. The switch can also be used in situations when in some region (e.g. near border) there are available multiplexes from two different DVB-T transmitters operating on the same or adjacent channels. In such conditions, the application of a diplexer would not allow the user to receive the multiplexes. The problem can be solved by using directional antennas and this switch.

SWREM is controlled by any infrared remote control (TV, DVD, SAT, etc.). The alternate input selection is performed when the user holds down any key on the remote for 3 seconds. For this purpose, we recommended to use a key that doesn't change the settings of the original device.

The switch does not come with a power supply. The recommended one is the 12 VDC /100 mA power supply.

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