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Trans Data KPZ LTE GSM Aerial

Product Code: TDKPZLTE
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Product Details

TRANS-DATA KPZ LTE is an outdoor directional MIMO panel antenna for use with LTE/GSM/3G modems, GSM and 3G repeaters/amplifiers. Depending on the band, it has 6...8 dBi gain.

The antenna has been designed for operation with LTE modems equipped with two antenna connectors, some cellular phones, GSM, DCS, 3G modems.

MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) - technical solution increasing the bandwidth of wireless transmission with the use of multiple antennas (or antenna arrays) on both sides of the link.

Outdoor directional panel

  • MIMO 2x2 ,
  • Multiband: 806-960 MHz, 1700-2700 MHz,
  • Multi-standard: GSM, DCS, UMTS, WLAN, LTE,
  • Gain: 6 dBi (806-960 MHz), 8 dBi (1700-2700 MHz),
  • Short circuit for DC,
  • VSWR <1.5,
  • 35 cm lead terminated with N-type socket,
  • Housing made of durable ABS plastic resistant to UV radiation and weather conditions,
  • Mounted to a mast with U-bolts (optionally to a horizontal pipe)
  • Tilt adjustment: 0-90o,

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