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LEM 4 Way SCR Multiswitch

Product Code: LEM534
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SCX53 Installation Instructions (PDF file, 82.94K)

Product Details

LEM Elettronica 4 Output cascadeable SCR Multiswitch

  • Automatic legacy mode*/SCR selection
  • Frequencies SCR 1280 1382 1484 MHz
  • Automatic input level control
  • 3 adjustable output levels
  • DC plug for LNBs powering
  • Maximum consumption: 160 mA per tap
  • TV terrestrial passive taps

The automatic gain control’s wide range of functions makes the SCX53 series extremely easy to use

All the terrestrial TV mixing multiswitch are equipped with an output fi lter with 790 MHz cutoff frequency. This characteristic reduces the Lte interference impact in terrestrial TV system

The Sat Control Gain permits the selection of 3 diff erent output levels for each tap of the multiswitch. This control allows a correct compensation of the loss due to the splitters and the taps or to the cable length

Each output tap of these multiswitches (SCX53series) can work as a single output of a standard multiswitch 13/18 22 KHz (Legacy) or as a SCR output up to 3 decoders (or tuners). The setting detection is automatic.

All the SCX53 series multiswitch models have a DC plug for LNB powering.

The power supply can be connected to any multiswitch in the distribution net/plant

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