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Ultimax 1316 16 Channel DVR

Product Code: ULTDVR1316
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Product Details

Ultimax 1316 16ch-H.264-HDMI DVR

Ultimax 1316 offers video recording with a resolution of 4CIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF at frame rate of 25 fps (each channel). This is rare in such an economically priced unit. The local recording and network transmission uses H.264 compression that provides good image quality with relatively small bandwidth and disk space consumption.

Thanks to the 25 fps frame rate in each channel, the DVR is ideal for monitoring dynamic environments such as streets, roads, car parks, bus stations etc. For example, a car travelling at a speed of 60 km/h covers 16 meters a second, so a DVR recording video at 10 fps would have "linear resolution" of 1.6 meter, not acceptable in many applications (loss of a huge amount of information between consecutive frames). The Ultimax 1308 operating at 25 fps provides video footage that is 2.5 times more accurate in this situation.

Due to legal requirements, some systems have to provide a very long storage time. Thanks to the possibility of connecting two HDDs, each up to 4 TB, the Ultimax 1316 can continuously record video from 16 cameras with 4CIF resolution at 25 fps (H.264, 2.5 Mbps) for several months!

A new menu of the DVR has been designed in a manner that helps everyone, even novice users, navigate and make changes to the settings. Both the layout of commonly used functions and graphic design meet the highest current standards. Support for Google Chrome, Opera and Safari web browsers eliminates the need for installing/using ActiveX controls.

Browsing the archives locally, the user can simultaneously play them back from 8 channels. To quickly localize the interesting moment/period, the video records are presented on a timelines (24 hours). The playback can be started just by clicking on a point on a timeline. "Smart search" function allows for finding moments with movement in a defined area of an image in order to analyze vital events.

Check the PDF for more information.

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