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VGA Over CAT5 Kit

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The VGAEXTENDER transmitter/receiver set (2 pieces) is used for active transmission of VGA signals via CAT5 cable, over distances up to 300 m. They are complementary devices - the transmitter changes the VGA signals into a balanced form suitable for transmission via twisted pairs of CAT5 cable, the receiver converts them back into the original form. Three pairs of the CAT5 cable are used for transmission of RGB components, while the fourth for sending synchronization signal.

On the back of the receiver there are DIP switches for compensation of UTP/FTP cable characteristics. Each component color and the synchronization signal has an individual switch. All switches must be in the same position for a given distance. The real resolution of the output signal depends on the mode of the input signal and the distance of transmission. The DIP switches permit the correct transmission parameters for distances up to to 300 meters with a step of 50 m.

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