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Ubiquiti NanoStation Access Point Loco M5, 5GHz

Product Code: UBILOCOM5
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Product Details

NanoStation Loco M5 is an integrated solution for building wireless bridges operating in the 5 GHz band with the use of 802.11n MIMO 2x2 standard. Thanks to a unique construction, NanoStation Loco M5 offers unparalleled performance in such a compact device. The casing made of UV resistant plastic is resistant to even the most severe weather conditions. The device features built-in surge protection.

The AP can operate in Router or Bridge mode. Its wireless interface supports Access Point, Access Point WDS, Client, and Client WDS modes. The device is compatible with MikroTik RouterOS platform.

AirMax™ TDMA protocol allows for elimination of "hidden nodes" problem by allocating for them time slots (TDMA) for collision-free communication. It enables maximum throughput even with dozens of client stations connected to the access point.

A useful optional accessory for the Nanostaion is the WBLUML38 wall brakcet. This is an economical bracket that is small and neat, ideal for mounting the nanastions on a wall.

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