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7 Day 2 hour Interval Timer

Product Code: MSA07
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Product Details

Plug in 7 Day Segment Timer

This 7 Day Segment timer can switch an appliance on and off at random times within a seven day time period.

Easy to operate this 7 day timer works by pressing the segment pegs downward opposite the time shown on the dial for the duration you require the timer to switch on the appliance.

Each segment peg represents a 2 hr time duration. This timer also has an override switch for automatic and continual operation.

Suitable for UK sockets (13Amp) 220-240V with a maximum load of 3000W.

This Segment Timer Boasts

  • Suitable for UK/Ireland sockets with a maximum load of 3000W.
  • Segment operated
  • Includes an override switch
  • On/off over 7 days in 2hr segments
  • Easy-to-use and install
  • Maximum total load 13A

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