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TP Link WiFi Range Extender Access Point

Product Code: TPLWA850
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Product Details

Wireless range extender TPLWA850 is designed to increase the range and signal strength of an existing wireless network to eliminate dead zones. The device is compliant with N standard (speeds up to 300 Mbps). Due to its small size and AC plug, it can be plugged into any AC outlet in a room. Thanks to the Ethernet port, the extender can also be used as a WiFi card for any device equipped with Ethernet interface.

Main features:

  • Range Extender mode extends wireless network connectivity - especially useful in dead zones and places without wired network
  • Small dimensions and integration with AC plug allow placement of the device in the required place, directly in any AC outlet
  • Ethernet port ensures connection with other devices with Ethernet interface

The extender is equipped with five LEDs signaling the level of the received wireless signal, which helps to determine the appropriate location for the unit to achieve maximum coverage and capacity of the wireless network. To obtain high-performance connections it is recommended to place the device in a place where at least 3 LEDs are lit.

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