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Signal IR Remote Control Bender 3-way

Product Code: IRBENDER
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Product Details

Distinguishing features of the device

  • compatible with IR remote controls operating within 30-60 kHz range;
  • max. operational distance between IR receiver and a remote control: 5 m;
  • equipped with three IR transmitters, with different lengths of the cables: 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m;
  • powered from a USB port of a TV or other device;
  • the IR receiver can be stuck e.g. to the TV;
  • the device can be put into a glass case, cabinet etc. (mountable with screws - not included).

The IRBENDER will be appreciated by every owner of a home theater, satellite receiver, DVB-T or cable STB, game console, stereo, media player. It retransmits infrared commands from remote controls of the devices, without the need for the line-of-sight between the remote controls and the IR sensors of the devices. The IR bender is quite necessary when the devices are placed in modern cabinets with windows/doors or behind the television.

The sensor of the IRBENDER receives IR commands from any remote control and distributes them to three IR transmitters. Each of them can be placed in front of different device (e.g. on the window/door of the cabinet, glass case etc. housing the devices, from inside). This way, any of the target devices can receive the user's commands without problems caused by location behind the window/door (lack of reaction, shorter range, need for very precise pointing etc).

IRBENDER can be used in various situations where there is a need to increase the operational range and angle of remote controls of some devices.

An important feature of the device is it is powered from a USB port. This means that the IRBENDER can be powered from the TV or any of the controlled devices equipped with USB port, so it does not need an additional power supply and next power outlet.

The design is suitable for use with typical LCD/plasma televisions and with ultra-slim LED LCD TVs.

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