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Cablecon F-plug for RG-6/Triset-113, "Self-Install"

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Product Details

The F plug from Cabelcon, Denmark, is intended for applications in the home and SMATV systems. The patented design, based on the "Self-Install" concept, ensures a professional, durable connection, comparable with compression solutions. The important thing is, no compression tool is needed.

Installation instructions

The connector installed properly is fully integrated with the cable, the self-compression process takes place after inserting the cable into the rear part of the connector.

The cable can be quickly prepared for the installation with the use of one of the tools, WIRESTRIPPER or CABLECONNWRENCH (the latter is also a wrench for tightening F connectors).

The connector is compatible with the following cables:

  • RG-6 PVC
  • RG-6 PE
  • Triset-113 PVC
  • Triset-113 PE

Distinguishing features

  • unique self-compression system,
  • class A screening effectiveness,
  • 3 GHz band,
  • no need for a compression tool,
  • simple installation,
  • high quality and reliability,
  • connection stability,
  • designed for cables with dielectric diameter of 5.1 mm.

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Cablecon Plug for RG-6/Triset-113, "Self-Install"

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Cablecon Socket for RG-6/Triset-113, "Self-Install"

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