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5V 18dB In-line Amplifer

Product Code: AMPINLINE
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Product Details

The AMPINLINE amplifier operates in the UHF band and is designed to amplify DVB-T terrestrial TV signals. The amplifier power is through the coaxial cable and supplied by the DTT receiver. The device does not require an additional power adapter - the power from DVB-T receiver (DC 5V) is sufficient.

The amplifier is made based on high-frequency system ensuring amplification stability, linearity characteristics and resistance to high input levels. It has built-in filters to eliminate interfering signals outside of the useful band.

The mainboard is closed inside a sealed, die-cast metal box ending with the "F" type socket and plug. It can be directly screwed to the "F" output of the TV antenna (you should protect the connectors from water). The amplifier is resistant to electromagnetic interferences coming from e.g. GSM and CB.

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