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Tri-Lan 240 Coaxial Cable 50 ohm 100M

Product Code: CABLETRILAN240
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Product Details

Main features

  • low loss (as far as 20% lower than of H155)
  • perfect matching (30 dB at 2.4GHz)
  • high screening efficiency (90dB at 2.4GHz)

Declaration of RoHS compliance.

Tri-Lan 240 - low-loss cable.

The cable guarantees not only efficient power transmission but also ensures savings on installation cost, in the process of migration from 2.4GHz to 5GHz band (it can work in both bands, so the cabling will not have to be replaced).

The sheath of the cable is made of PE (UV-resistant), so Tri-Lan 240 can be used outdoors.

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Outdoor Coax Cable 75 ohm gel-filled 200m

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RG59 Black CCTV Cable x 100M.

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RG59 Coax plus Power flex for CCTV

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