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Camera Amplifier 1 In 1 Out

Product Code: CAMAMP1
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Product Details

CAMAMP1 video amplifier is designed for amplification of video signal transmitted via coaxial cable. This way it is possible to increase the route of signals up to 2000 meters. The control knob performs both gain adjustment and correction of frequency response function. Together with increase of gain, the correction is .

CAMAMP1 has been equipped with range switch: 400-1200 m / 1200-2000 m. The amplifier provides best results working up to 1200 m. In the case of larger distances the quality of signal may be reduced - possible lower contrast, saturation etc. - so it should be used then only when no alternative is possible.

The amplifier should be employed at the end of transmission line i.e. by monitors.

The unit is powered by a 1 amp powersupply included.

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