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Roofmount 1M. Mast For Flat Roofs

Product Code: ROOFMOUNT
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The ROOFMOUNT is very convenient for mounting antennas on flat, solid roofs. The installer can use it where there is no possibility of attaching a typical mast to some element on the roof (there are no suitable chimneys, walls etc.) and the surface of the roof cannot be penetrated.The ROOFMOUNT cannot be used for mounting satellite dishes.

The mast hardware has to be ballasted with concrete blocks with dimensions of 38x24x12 cm, 38x20x12 cm, or 30x24x12 cm, from 4 to 8 pieces. The blocks inserted into the base have to be held together with a plastic strap.

The vertical steel pipe is welded to a flange made of 3 mm steel sheet. The flange is to be screwed with two steel frames made of solid angle sections (39x25 cm). The steel components are galvanized (zinc plated). The height of the mast is 1 m. A plastic cap prevents water from entering the interior of the pipe.

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