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Trilan RG6 Gel Filled Coax x 200M.

Product Code: RG6200FL
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Product Details

Outdoor Coaxial Cable 75 ohm gel-filled 200m

Main features:

  • low loss,
  • perfect matching,
  • high screening efficiency,
  • PE sheath,
  • gel-filled.

RoHS compliance declaration.

Screening efficiency better than 100dB allows for parallel arrangement of many cables, which is indispensable in large multiswitch installations and SMATV systems. It also enables building of extensive antenna and cable TV systems. The inner 1.13 mm conductor of TRISET-113 PE is made of copper, guarantying very low loss, good corrosion resistance, and mechanical flexibility. Technological discipline ensures very small tolerances and stability of standard parameters.

In order to secure the minimum bend radius, flush mounted installations should be done with the use of protective tubes.

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