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Inverto Unicable Quad Twin LNB

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Product Details

Inverto BLACK Unicable QUAD TWIN LNB is designed for use in modern SAT TV systems distributing signal via a single coaxial cable to up to four receivers supporting Unicable system, or for connecting two typical receivers to its TWIN FULLBAND outputs:

  • UNICABLE output is used to connect SAT receivers via one coaxial cable to up to four receivers supporting Unicable system (with the use of Unicable 2-way splitter)
  • TWIN FULLBAND outputs can be connected directly to SAT receivers that do dot support Unicable system

The LNB with UNICABLE output allows for connecting up to four Unicable-ready SAT TV receivers via one coaxial cable coming from a single satellite dish. Additionally, the LNB has two independent fullband outputs that can be connected to a twin PVR receiver or two single receivers. The LNB eliminates the need for using a multiswitch.

Distinguishing features:

  • thanks to UNICABLE system, receivers connected in series operate fully independently
  • UNICABLE output can provide signal to up to four receivers via one coaxial cable
  • the newest technology dramatically simplifies cabling and installation work
  • very high frequency stability
  • very low phase noise (recommended for 8PSK HDTV)
  • low noise figure
  • high isolation
  • low power consumption
  • ideal solution for extending small systems where it is difficult to install additional cables running from the roof

Before ordering, the customer should be certain that the receivers used support Unicable system.

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