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Prolink 22 I-O Unit

Product Code: PROLINKIO
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Product Details

PROLINK22 - The IO unit that allows you to control 3 tv sets with nothing extra other than a 2 way splitter.

Distributing the analogue RF output of a Sky box from the main TV location to other rooms remains a popular solution for aerial installers. The new PROception proLINK22 modulator and remote control unit allows unrivalled flexibility for this application.

  • Replaces the 'missing' RF outputs on newer Sky receivers.
  • High-quality UHF modulator with infrared return remote control capability on BOTH of its twin RF outputs.
  • Simple channel setting using Sky box menu.
  • Two remote rooms can be wired directly from the proLINK (expandable to three using a splitter and without a power supply)*
  • 2-colour power-status indicator.
  • Wall mountable with extended lead. (500mm)
  • *This requires the use of Prolink IR eyes and assumes that the local TV is connected by Scart or HDMI and does not require an RF antenna connection.

Now with PSU included

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