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Revez T80 Dish Mounted UHF Aerial

Product Code: REVT80
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Product Details

A clip on UHF omnidirectional aerial suitable for Saorview and Freeview channels with a built in amplifier and Satellite/Terrestrial diplexer.

The amplifier is powered by the 13-18V. LNB supply

A spltter is also included for use at the receiver end to separate the satellite and terrestrial signals.

Easily mounted on the back of the dish using the thumbscrews fitted on the aerial.

  • Tool-free installation
  • Built-in amplifier, which can minimize any signal loss
  • Good reception for digital TV signals on UHF band
  • Convenient mounting on the existing satellite dish, so you can enjoy local program along with satellite program
  • Built-in Terrestrial & Satellite combiner, which combines satellite and antenna signals in one cable

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