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Delta 1-Cam UTP Transmitter/Receiver

Product Code: TR1P1AU
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Product Details

The TR1P1AU device allows transmission of video, audio and power using UTP/STP cable. For video signal the device adjusts 75 ohms coaxial cable impedance to twisted pair cable impedance. It guarantees video signal transmission up to 400 meters. For the audio signal the device adapts 600 ohms microphone impedance to twisted pair impedance. It guarantees audio signal transmission up to 1200 meters. The video and audio signals utilize two twisted pairs of UTP/STP cable, whereas the next two are used for conveying supplying voltage. For 12 V DC source, assuming that a camera needs 235 mA and associated thermostat 500 mA, the supplying voltage can be sent over these distances:

  • 50m - camera without thermostat
  • 15m - camera with thermostat.

When longer distances have to be used, the proper solution is to employ the set of stabilizer and transformer. When applying two pairs of wires from UTP/STP cable, possible distances are given in tables.To build complete path for signal transmission, two devices are needed. One of them works as a transmitter and the second as a receiver. Audio insertion loss for 1200 meters (two devices line) is 6 dB. Audio-Video signal transmission by twisted pair cable is cheaper than transmission by coaxial cable, and assuring good quality because the signal is transmitted differentially.

Cooperating audio module can be connected to lead frame or to chinch socket. It is important to connect properly supplying voltage: ( ) and (-). Reverse polarity could destroy the camera. Improper connection of video signal will cause interferences. The device is equipped with LED informing about correct connection of supplying voltage. Parameters that are given concern CAT5 UTP/STP cable with copper conductors of diameter 0.5mm (24 AWG).

  • Weight: 88 g
  • Dimensions:118x30x65 mm

Maximum distances with

DC 12V

power supplying:

Current (mA) Range (m)
50 235
75 156
100 117
125 94
150 78
200 58
235 50
250 47
300 39
350 33
400 29
450 26
500 23
600 19
700 16
800 14
900 13
1000 11
Maximum distances with

DC 40V

power supplying:

Current (mA) Range (m)
50 3141
100 2125
150 1549
200 1176
250 995
300 867
350 741
400 664
450 574
500 511
600 429
700 374
800 318
900 263

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