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Signal DVD Shelf - three levels

Product Code: TVBDVD213
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Signal DVD Shelf Signal DVD-213 - three levels

The SIGNAL DVD-213shelf has been designed for holding home devices like DVD player/recorder, sat receiver, set-top box etc. The maximum capacity of each shelf is 8 kg. The glass shelf is made of tempered glass of 5 mm thickness. The support has been made of aluminum - it is light and very stable. the cable management system allows the connecting cables to be hidden.

The position of the glass shelf is adjustable.

The wall has to carry the load of the shelf and device(s), including a wide margin of safety.

The shelf cannot be installed on walls that do not provide firm hold (steel stud, old cinder block, plaster panel etc).

The set contains all components needed for typical installation.

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Signal DVD Shelf - two levels

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