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Vehicle Wireless FM Transmission Kit 2.4 GHz

Product Code: TX2.4MINI
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Product Details

Vehicle Wireless FM Transmission Kit 2.4 GHz

Video signal wireless transmission module is designed to work with a vehicle rear view camera and car monitor or other equipment with video signal input. Using this device you don't need to drag the cables under the car upholstery and car body elements. The power cables don't have any connectors, so you can power the device at any place in the car you want, and the video signal cables and camera power cable are standard connectors compatible with most equipment available on the market.

Power Supply NOT Included

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Audio/Video Receiver VRX-3 2.4 GHz 4-Channels

Code: RX2.4-300M
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Wireless Transmission Kit AHD 5.8 GHz 300M

Code: AHDTX58-300
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