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Terra 4G LTE800 Outdoor Thru Power

Product Code: TER4GFILTER
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Terra LF003 LTE rejection filter

Terra LF003 LTE rejection filters are used in TV antenna systems and mounted on masts together with antenna arrays. The filter cuts off the unwanted part of the UHF spectrum (791- 862 MHz) reserved for data transmission in mobile networks (LTE). The device is especially recommended for systems with broadband amplifiers covering the whole UHF band (up to 862 MHz). In such systems, the interference from the unwanted signals can completely block the reception of some DVB-T multiplexes.

This solid filter has excellent parameters that guarantee high performance - it strongly suppresses the undesired signals (60 dB), with very low attenuation of the DVB-T band (

Thanks to DC-pass (max: 24 V, 100 mA), it can transmit power to antenna preamplifier(s).

Key features:

  • rejection of LTE band (> 790 MHz)
  • very steep slope just above the channel 60
  • designed for outdoor use (mast-mountable)
  • DC pass (max: 24 V / 100 mA)

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