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DAB/B3 Aerial Omni-Directional H or V

Product Code: DAB1SIG
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DAB1SIG Band III Antenna

DAB1SIG is a professional, 1-element antenna designed for reception of digital radio broadcasts - DAB. Due to its pattern and 1 dBi gain, the antenna is perfect for urban areas with DAB transmitters. The versatile design of the mount allows for easy change of the antenna polarization (V or H).

The antenna can also be used for reception of TV channels broadcast in Band III (ch. 6-12).

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)

Digital Audio Broadcasting is a technology that allows the transmission and reception of terrestrial radio programs in digital form. Depending on the compression used, this technology may offer a better quality compared to traditional FM radio.

Similarly to DVB-T, DAB offers a range of additional features, such as program guides, information on the artists and songs, etc. In Europe, large-scale broadcasting with this technology has been implemented in Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic (L-band) and Scandinavian countries.

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