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SLX4CF 4 Set Amplifier Link Bypass

Product Code: SLX4CF
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Product Details

SLx4CF 4-way Amplifier - F Connectors

• Lightweight compact design powered either from a digital satellite receiver’s RF2 9VDC output supply or a separate 12V DC power supply (not included) - ideal for placement in lofts

• Fully compatible with Sky™/Sky ™ digieye/digilink remote control extender systems

• Can be used to boost the signal from VCRs, DVDs and satellite receivers

• 8dB gain per port

• Frequency Range VHF/FM/DAB47-230MHz UHF 470-862MHz

• Noise figure • Free standing or wall mounting

Boosts the satellite signal in areas of poor reception, improving sound and picture quality

Distributes signal to a VCR, Digital Television and Sky™/ Sky ™4 TVs in the home without any noticeable signal degradation. The amplifiers have an integrated by-pass designed to allow the user control digital Sky™ and Sky ™ receivers from any of the connected televisions using an infrared link device and a Sky™ or Sky ™ compatible remote control.

Lightweight compact design can be powered either from RF2 digibox output or separate 9V DC power supply, making it ideal for placement in lofts

Individual short circuit protection - should a short circuit occur on one port, individual short circuit protection will continue to operate the other ports & will not shut down the whole amplifier.

With full instructions and wall mounting template, installing the aerial amplifier is both

quick and easy.

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