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Signal Baluns for TV over CAT5

Product Code: TVUTP
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The TVUTP pair of Signal TV-LAN baluns is used for transmitting analog/digital RF signals over a UTP (CAT5) cable. The transmission can be performed in parallel to the "normal" use of the cable for data transmission (LAN, Internet). The baluns are ideal in situations where there is no possibility to use coaxial cables and there exists structured cabling allowing both services to be provided concurrently.

Signal TV-LAN baluns are used both in home network / TV systems and in larger multifamily or office buildings with several tens of outlets. They are for combining e.g. DVB-T signals into existing Ethernet network (in parallel, using the spare pairs of UTP/FTP cables). Using sufficient input levels of the RF signals and/or intermediate RF amplifiers, the RF signals can be split on each floor and distributed in parallel with Ethernet (the latter is distributed by the outputs of the floor switch).

The two baluns in the kit are identical - i.e. it is irrelevant which of them will be used as a transmitter/receiver.

The pair of the baluns ensures impedance matching on both sides of the transmission line. The Ethernet path uses two wire pairs, so the maximum data transmission rate is 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet), over length up to 100 m between active nodes of the network. The maximum range of the RF transmission depends on the signal level and frequency at the input of the balun (transmitter). It is possible to use RF amplifiers before changing the transmission medium, which significantly increases the maximum transmission distance. The values ​​of attenuation of CAT5e UTP cable at selected frequencies are shown in the table below.

Measured attenuation levels of UTP cat. 5e cable at selected frequencies

Frequency [MHz]

Attenuation [dB/m]













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