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HDMI Extender over Coax 800 M 1080p

Product Code: HDMICOAX
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Product Details

HDMI Extender - RF over coax

The HDMI extender permits the transmission of HDMI signal over long distances via 75 ohm coaxial cable. The extender kit consists of transmitter, receiver, and two AC/DC adapters.

Key features:

  • Transmission via one coaxial cable
  • Possibility to create point-to-multipoint distribution network with the use of RF splitters.
  • 1080p mode
  • Changeable RF channel
  • Max transmission distance of 800 m

In order to provide the HDMI signal to several TVs/monitors, the output signal from the transmitter should be split by a typical TV splitter. Each of the paths has to be terminated with the dedicated receiver. Generally, in the case of transmission path(s) shorter than 100 m it is necessary to use an attenuator.

To establish the connection between the transmitter and receiver, the user must select the same channel in both units (there is a choice among 100 TV channels). The width of the channel is 7 or 8 MHz (depending on the channel number). The selected channel can be injected into an existing antenna system, on the condition that it ensures necessary spacing to other channels used in the system.

The kit is perfect for connecting remote HD source like sat receiver, Blu-ray player, PC, game console etc. to HD-enabled TV/monitor/projector. It requires the use of only one, comparatively thin cable, which can be easily hidden (along with the HDMI receiver) when installing the TV/monitor on a bracket.

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