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PoE Reducer 48V-12V 1.6Amp

Product Code: POEREDUCER1600
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POEREDUCER1600 48V-12V 1.6 Amp

The POE-802.3AF/C DC-DC converter reduces power supply to 12 VDC devices (typically IP CCTV cameras without PoE option), converted from any PoE source (802.3af or 802.3at) distributing 44-57 VDC voltage.

Attention! If the power adaptor is used continuously (24H) the rated current of the adaptor should be less than 80% of the maximal current.

Please pay attention for proper cooling conditions of the power adaptor during work!

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24Vdc 10 Watt Power Supply

Code: PSU2410W
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PoE Reducer 48V-12V 800 mA

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