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Terra TV/FM Amplifier

Product Code: TERMA076
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Product Details

TERRA FM/TV House Amplifier MA-076L FM-VHFIII-2xUHF

MA-076L is a high gain RF amplifier (FM and TV signals), with a gain up to 35 dB (FM oraz VHFIII bands) and 47 dB (UHF). This characteristics makes it ideal for individual and small shared antenna systems (MATV) with ten or so outputs. The amplifier has separate inputs for FM (88-108 MHz), VHFIII (174-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790 MHz) bands (two inputs).

The die-cast housing provides high screening efficiency by preventing the penetration of interfering signals to the unit.

The MA-076L amplifier is equipped with a switch connecting supply voltage (12 VDC, max 100 mA) to optional preamplifier in one of the UHF paths. The maximum output level of the amplifier (118 dBμV, IMD3=60 dB) is sufficient for distribution of the signals to over ten outlets.

The use of the amplifier eliminates the risk of interference from 800 MHz LTE networks, due to built-in LTE filter blocking signals within the 791-862 MHz range allocated for this kind of wireless services.

Key features

  • integrated LTE filter
  • 35 dB gain in FM and VHFIII bands, and 47 dB gain in UHF band (two separate inputs)
  • switch connecting supply voltage (12 VDC, max 100 mA) to optional preamplifier in the UHF path
  • die-cast housing with high screening efficiency, blocking external interference signals

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