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F Connector Master Compression RG6 R/A

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Product Details

MASTER Male F-connector 90 F 113 angular, compressed on Triset-113

The MASTER 90 F 113 F-male connector is made of zinc-plated bronze. The features of the monolithic connector have been specially adjusted to the TRISET cables. Special construction and high precision of the product enable easy installation on the cables. The compression method of installation is very simple and guarantees good and stable connection for a long time. Precise thread eliminates problems with screwing the connectors on sockets, which can happen with other plugs.

The installation should be performed with the use of the compression tool.

A very good tool for preparing cable ends is the insulation stripper WIRESTRIPPER.

Key features

  • wide operating band
  • very low loss in the whole operating band
  • perfect matching to the transmission line within the whole operating band
  • simple and quick assembly: longitudinal compression
  • monolithic construction
  • matched to the cables of TRISET-113 cable family
  • many patented technologies
  • cable stripping should be done with the WIRESTRIPPER tool
  • compression should be done with the MASTERTOOL tool
  • quick installation, reliability and durability for competitive price

The mounting of the connector is a quick and easy job:

  • prepare the end of the cable uncovering the inner conductor at the length of 8 /-1.4 mm and the dielectric with braid at the length of 6.4 mm
  • turn down the braid onto the jacket (sheath) of the cable
  • slip the end of the cable into the connector
  • compress the connector onto the cable with the compression tool

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