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[email protected] ML 1150 S2 IPTV

Product Code: MED1150S
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Product Details

Medialink IPTV Box ML 1150 S2

All possible solutions for the IPTV system plus HD satellite receiver.

Satellite receiver loaded with channel list for Irish market.

Open source IPTV

Currently lots of IPTV channels are available via several types of open source middleware. Medialink receivers contain the most common and stable middleware plug-ins : VLC Player, Xtream-Code, Stalker and Playlist M3U for your IPTV.

Hundreds of TV channels from all over Europe are available from IPtv providers and all can be accessed on the Medialink receiver. High speed CPU and 2Gb of DDRRAM coupled with 128Mb Flash memory ensures seamless presentation of your favourite programmes.

Sports, News, Movies etc in English, Turkish, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian,

Portuguese, Ex-Yugoslavian, Hungarian, Asian, Indian, and VoDs are available to suit all tastes.

In addition, the ML1150 has a built in high end HD satellite receiver .

APPs : YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Map, Weather, Internet Radio, DLNA, Web Album, Photo, Rss, etc

Non-stop free channels,

Download videos from the Apps with your USB


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[email protected] 2200 COMBI IPTV S2 T2

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