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PoE Adaptor 8 Way Rack Mounted LCD Meter

Product Code: POERACK8MON
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8-port RACK-mount PoE Adapter 8P-1U-LCD with load monitoring

The 8-port 19" rack-mount PoE adapter can transmit power via Ethernet cables to up to 8 devices. Its power supply connector (2.1/5.5) should be connected to a 12-48 VDC voltage source with the required current capacity. The LCD display shows the actual values of the voltage, total current and power consumption. The information allows for full monitoring of the operating status of the connected power supply. The application of the 8-port PoE in a 19" RACK cabinet ensures better utilization of the space due to elimination of a number of power supplies and provides the possibility to use a single buffer/UPS power supply for multiple devices.

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