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Ballast Mast Base

Product Code: ROOFMOUNT2
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Product Details

ROOFMOUNT2 Ballast Mast Base

Key features

  • Special mast base for satellite dishes, DVB-T and WiFi/WLAN antennas
  • All elements are hot dip galvanized
  • Base spread: 2260 x 2260 mm

The ROOFMOUNT2 ballast mast base can hold antenna masts with a diameter up to 50 mm and height up to 3 m. It can be used on flat, solid roofs where there is no possibility of attaching a typical mast to some elements on the roof (there are no suitable chimneys, walls etc.) and the surface of the roof cannot be penetrated. Such a solution is also perfect in the case of temporary applications (advertising campaign, festival, event, etc). With sufficient ballast, the ROOFMOUNT2 base can be used not only for DVB-T, DAB, FM, WiFi/WLAN antennas, but also for satellite dishes.

The base has to be ballasted with concrete blocks with dimensions of 380 x 240 x 120 mm, each weighting min. 24 kg in the dry state.

NOTICE! The kit does not contain any mast nor does it contain concrete blocks! A suitable one-piece mast should be bought separately (diameter up to 50 mm, height up to 3 m). Concrete blocks have to be purchased separately.

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