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Ultimode TVI-FO Video Convertor HDTVI 1ch, SM, 20km

Product Code: ULTITVIFO
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Product Details

Ultimode TVI-FO Video Converter HDTVI-201 1ch, SM, 20km

Key features

  • 1 video channel
  • cooperation with HD-TVI cameras (720p and 1080p), PAL cameras and AHD cameras operating in PAL mode
  • maximum transmission distance: 20 km
  • transmission via one single-mode fiber (WDM)
  • LED indicators showing operating status
  • the set contains video transmitter and video receiver, and 2 power supplies
  • very easy installation

ULTIMODE HDTVI-201 video converter set ensures transmission of 1 video channel via single optical fiber. Thanks to much wider bandwidth compared to traditional (PAL) video converters, the set can transmit HD-TVI signals, both in 720p and 1080p resolution. The set contains 2 main modules - video transmitter and video receiver, and 2 power supplies (output: 5VDC/2A).

Sensitivity of the receiver and output power of the transmitter is adapted to transmit video over a distance up to 20 km.

In the case of short distances, it is recommended to use FC/PC attenuators on the both sides of the optical link. Durable laser diode with Fabry-Perot resonator ensures the mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) at least of 100000 hours (more than 11 years).

Notice: the DAT connector is inactive

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