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ULTIPOWER PoE Power Supply/Injector ULTIPOWER 802.3at 48V 30W

Product Code: POEPSU3
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Product Details

ULTIPOWER PoE Power Supply 802.3at 48V 30W

The ULTIPOWER PoE power supply / injector is designed for powering devices using PoE technology. With this technology, one UTP/FTP cable transmits data and provides power to the connected network device. The compliance with the IEEE802.3at standard enables the user to employ the supplier/injector for powering any compatible PoE device.

The injector uses option B of the standard, i.e. the power for a network device is provided via pairs 4/5 and 7/8 (see wiring image)

High Power 30W PoE Injector suitable for 2DE4220IWD or similar

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