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Johansson Multi-channel Filter Amplifier FM-4xVHF/UHF, digitally programmed, channel converter

Product Code: JOHPROF
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Product Details

Johansson Multi-channel Filter Amplifier FM-4xVHF/UHF, digitally programmed, channel converter

Key features

  • Device dedicated for shared antenna systems (S/MATV)
  • Can individually process 50 channels in VHF/UHF bands
  • Real-time AGC on all individual channels
  • Channel converter function - each channel can be frequency shifted to any other channel in the VHF or UHF band
  • Designed for terrestrial DVB-T digital television signals
  • SD card slot for copying configuration/settings
  • LTE filter options (4G >790MHz, 5G >694 MHz)
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple to install and configure

The PROFILER Revolution 6700 programmable amplifier is designed for shared DVB-T antenna installations (S/MATV systems) in multi-family residential buildings, residences, hotels, guest houses, holiday homes, schools, hospitals, etc.

The amplifier is dedicated for antenna systems in places with difficult reception conditions, especially where terrestrial TV signals received by antennas come from different directions and have very varied levels. The device has four programmable inputs for signals in VHF (174-240 MHz) / UHF (470-862 MHz) bands and FM input (88-108 MHz), and can process 50 channels. The use of the filter amplifier allows for selective amplification of the various channels in order to equalize them. The automatic gain control (AGC) implemented in the device can balance the output signals levels despite major differences at the inputs (on the condition that the parameters of each channel are above the minimum values). The installer can freely configure the VHF/UHF inputs and optimize individual channel levels just on site, in order to provide high quality images on TV screens. PROFILER Revolution 6700 can be used as a standalone device in MATV and SMATV systems (e.g. based on multiswitches) or as a component of headends.

PROFILER Revolution 6700 has channel converter function which allows the user to shift any VHF/UHF channel to any other VHF/UHF channel.

The device can provide power for antenna preamplifiers via its VHF/UHF inputs (12 or 24 VDC, max load of all inputs 100 mA).

LTE filter options ensure resistance to interference from LTE networks operating in 4G (>790 MHz) and 5G (>694 MHz) technology.

The amplifier can only be installed indoors.

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